Reasons for booking a sleep assessment with COMMUNITY SLEEP COACH INC:

  • You are sleeping poorly or are told by a bed partner that this is the case.
  • You think you are sleeping soundly but wake unrefreshed and are tired during the day.
  • You require information about various forms of sleep testing.
  • You have had sleep testing performed but do not understand what the results mean.
  • You have obtained treatment for a sleep disorder but are struggling with therapy.
  • You are compliant with your current treatment but feel no improvement in your symptoms.
  • You are concerned about a family member’s/friend’s sleep and simply want some education on the topic of sleep disorders and the negative health risks associated with these conditions.

Types of sleep consultations available:

  • In-person Initial Sleep Consult: Comprehensive sleep assessment which incorporates detailed sleep questionnaires pertaining to sleep hygiene, nocturnal behaviour, daytime symptoms, sleep environment, daily routine, Epworth Sleepiness Score, Insomnia Severity Index and Body Mass Index. Based on the above information, we can deduce whether the patient exhibits symptoms of a sleep disorder and which type of disorder it may be. Recommendations can be made regarding the need for improved sleep hygiene or the need for sleep testing to confirm diagnosis.
  • In-person Follow-up Sleep Consult: Consequent visit to discuss recommendations. Provide counselling & education focusing on improving sleep quality & habits. Review of any sleep test & investigation results not available previously. Provide additional assessment as necessary and adjust sleep recommendations accordingly.
  • Remote Sleep Consult:¬†A convenient alternative for out-of-town patients requiring sleep assessment and sleep counselling. For video conference, you will require a computer, printer, scanner/fax, and access to Skype. For those without a Skype account, a simple phone consultation is also available.
  • Mobile and Corporate Sleep¬†Clinics: Offered to medical clinics, companies, facilities & schools on-site. Fee will depend on the size of the organization and associated travel costs.

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