Reasons for booking an appointment with COMMUNITY SLEEP COACH INC:

  • You have poor sleep hygiene and need guidance to help break bad habits which have desynchronized your circadian rhythm.
  • You have difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep or waking too early.
  • You are not a quiet, relaxed sleeper. Examples: At night you twitch, jerk, snore, gasp, choke, cough, talk, etc.
  • You think you are sleeping soundly but wake unrefreshed and are tired during the day.
  • You require information about various forms of sleep testing.
  • You have had sleep testing performed but do not understand what the results mean.
  • You have obtained treatment for a sleep disorder but are struggling with therapy.
  • You are compliant with your current treatment but feel no improvement in your symptoms.
  • You have questions about sleep disorders and the negative health risks associated with these conditions.
  • You have questions about various sleep-related products, devices and therapies.
  • You are an employee on long-term disabillity because insomnia is affecting your ability to perform your job.

Types of sleep consultations available: