Sleep Advocate | Sleep Consultant | Sleep Educator

COMMUNITY SLEEP COACH INC. is Western Canada’s Sleep Expert.

Quality sleep is vital for optimal physical and mental wellbeing. Sleep deprivation is rampant in today’s society and the negative consequences are felt at home, in schools, within the workplace and across the globe in general.

Community Sleep Coach offers:

  • Sleep Hygiene Assessments
  • Sleep Health Education & Information
  • Comprehensive Sleep Assessments for Return-To-Work/Long-Term Disability Clients

In-person and virtual sleep consultations are available. Our service is provided in English to Teen, Adult and Senior clients. We do not offer Infant/Toddler sleep coaching.

Please note: This is a Private Pay service at this time unless you have been pre-approved by your insurance company or other third party.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders improves quality of life and increases life expectancy.

“A better sleep tonight means a better tomorrow.”