“I have come to understand that sleep is foundational for health. Even during my first consultation with Alena, I benefited tremendously from her decades of experience in her field. She is an approachable expert who provides understandable, practical, and immediately valuable advice.”

-Steven, Kelowna, BC

“I am a 7th grader at St. George’s School in BC. I am currently working on a science experiment on sleep, and I am looking for an expert I can interview about this topic. I found out that you are a certified sleep specialist through the Canadian Sleep Society website, and I would like some of your expertise regarding sleep. I have prepared some questions, and it would be much appreciated if you could take 15 minutes out of your day to answer them. Please reply if you would like to agree to this interview, and I will email you my questions. Thank you for your consideration and time.
Wow, I was not expecting such detailed responses! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions; your expertise will be a VERY valuable resource for my project. Overall, I think the work you do is very important, because sleep is such a critical aspect of our lives that I think we don’t focus on enough. The world needs more people like yourself who can educate people on how to get a better night’s sleep.
Again, I really appreciate your help, and I wish you all the best.”

-Grade 7 Student of St. George’s Senior School, Vancouver, BC

“She was very informative and thorough in helping with sleep issues. Kind and considerate personality.”

-Jody, Richmond, BC

“I’m thrilled to be sleeping well again and feel like a new person. I would still be using sleeping pills and struggling to get through the day if it wasn’t for Community Sleep Coach. Thank you for your guidance.”

-Margaret, Vancouver, BC

“Very knowledgeable about the whole sleep process. I’m sure this will help!”

-Mark, Kelowna, BC

“After 2 years of no success looking for help with my poor sleep quality, Alena helped me find habits I have that are disrupting my sleep, as well as referring me to a sleep apnea test where I found out that I have sleep apnea. She also went out of her way to follow up and check in to make sure that I was doing okay, even though there was no monetary benefit to her. Highly recommend.”

-Matt, Kelowna, BC

“I had a problem staying asleep. I made an appointment with Community Sleep Coach. Alena was very professional. I told her about my problem and she gave me a few options on how to approach my insomnia. After 2 weeks, I was back on track thanks to her advice. I would definitely recommend Alena as your sleep coach.”

-Igor, Kelowna, BC

“Community Sleep Coach has helped me so much! I have struggled with not getting enough sleep for over a decade, only medical help I had was highly addictive sleeping pills and take home sleep tests that didn’t work because I couldn’t sleep long enough for accurate data. Alena helped me to have a successful take home sleep test, turns out I DO have sleep apnea! Also ,she requested specific blood-work tests that showed a deficiency in magnesium and vitamin D. She has been there all along the way to coach me through and answer any questions I have. She has been an excellent support and I highly recommend her to anyone that struggles with not getting enough sleep. My amount of sleep is increasing every week and I am starting to wean off various medications. I am so thrilled with her help to me and I know she can help you too!”

-Heidi Hewitt, Kelowna, BC

“Finally decided I was tired of being tired! Spent enough time in bed, but always felt like I needed more sleep. Alena helped me organize a sleep study which I was able to do at home, a simple process. Results were VERY enlightening. I have doubled on my ‘deep sleep’ by making a simple suggested change and feel MUCH better!! Actually rested when I wake up. I have a monitor on my watch that measures deep sleep so have the #’s to show. Very appreciative of Alena’s experience and insight. Thought I could figure it out myself with all the info available on media but never got the right answer. Should have done this a LONG time ago!!”

-Linda, Kelowna, BC

“Alena at Community Sleep Coach was excellent in her ability to help my 10 year old son with his sleep challenges. She first met with me for an “intake consult” and conducted an extensive interview and evaluation of my son. I attended a follow-up meeting, which included a thorough analysis report.

Alena is professional, very knowledgeable, and was excellent at making my son feel comfortable enough to discuss his sleeping issues with her. Alena far exceeded our expectations, especially considering how reasonable her rates are! I have already recommended Alena to a friend that struggles with his sleep difficulties.”

-Jay Johnson, Kelowna, BC

Progress report“With Alena’s amazing help, we have been able to work with our family doctor and our pediatrician to get tests ordered to help figure out why my family can’t sleep. After testing, we found out that my husband has sleep apnea and stops breathing every 3 minutes all night long! So my husband should soon be enjoying some much needed sleep, as soon as we get a CPAP for my him. My girls have appointments set up now with an allergy specialist and also an ENT here in town, and will have to go to BC Children’s Hospital for some sleep studies, so that will still be a wait, but that is just the way it is. And for myself, I will need to have a sleep study done here in Kelowna. Alena’s support through all of this is amazing. She keeps me on track and helps me to push the doctors to get things done. When you are sleep deprived, it is easy to just do what gets you through the day and then you don’t have that push to get to the bottom of things. Alena gives me that push (more like encouragement) and keeps me accountable and I am super grateful for that.”

Initial review“Working with Community Sleep Coach has been amazing. I came to her with a huge challenge, to help my entire family sleep!! I approached her with severe desperation as a sleep deprived mother who has not slept in 5 years! I had no hope at all struggling to find answers to why my children as well as my husband can’t sleep. We are still in the process of finding the answers, as this is a huge task, but with Alena’s knowledge of the many different sleep disorders and knowledge of nutrition we now have hope and the help we need to get us all sleeping!”

-Lorraine Cartmell, Kelowna, BC

“Community Sleep Coach helped both my husband and I. Now we have no need for 2 bedrooms. My husband’s health has improved and we are both sleeping much better now that the snore/sleep apnea issues are resolved. With so many sleep issue contributors, it was awesome to find out exactly what related to us – no more guessing games.

Alena is a very knowledgeable and skilled sleep technologist and analyst. She really knows how to get to the root of individual sleep issues for each client. She has the connections, know-how and heartfelt concern to help people get to a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle. A one time visit for a lifetime of feeling better in every way. It’s definitely worth the nominal fee.”

-John & Linda, Kelowna, BC

“Thank you to Community Sleep Coach for my new lease on life. This was the best health investment I ever made. I was a well informed skeptic when it came to sleep interruptions. I knew I was a very heavy snorer and with volumes that were capable of disrupting an entire household at night. However, I always thought I slept soundly until sleep testing proved otherwise. It is amazing how your thinking is clouded prior to obtaining fresh facts. Now the new me, after a month and a half of CPAP therapy: Snoring eliminated 100%. Ability to lose weight. Wake up feeling refreshed. Rarely yawn anymore. Thought processes have even more clarity than before. Have energy now to get things done. And many people have commented on my improved colour.”

-Mark Coleman, CSO-Team Construction, Kelowna, BC

“We had the opportunity to meet with a certified clinical sleep consultant at Community Sleep Coach. She gave us some great information and direction to be able to get help with our sleeping issues. We were impressed with how knowledgeable she is and she informed us of certain things that could be affecting our sleeping habits. She gave us direction on how to go about receiving help for these problems. It is well worth your time to visit the clinic, your health may depend on it.”

-Sandy, Penticton, BC

“I first met with my Sleep Coach in January.  After reviewing results of a Sleep Apnea test from June 2010, and a discussion of my sleep problems, she provided me with a nasal dilator to open my nasal passages as I sleep. She also recommended another test to determine if my condition had worsened.  Sleep Apnea can cause high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Memory and concentration can become poor which is what prompted me to seek help.

Immediately my sleep improved with the nasal dilator from 5 to 7 hours. I have more energy during the day now that I get more sleep. I did have another Sleep Test and found that my oxygen levels go very low during sleep so am also now considering using a device called CPAP.

Now I can look forward to memory improvement that will allow me to get back to the online university courses I had started, and avoid the health problems that are often caused by untreated sleep apnea.  I am so thankful to my Sleep Coach for her suggestions and assistance in  getting me the help I needed to live a healthy and fulfilling life.”

-Maxine, Kelowna, BC

“We have been coached by the staff of Community Sleep Coach for nine months now regarding our Sleep Apnea.  We are confident in their abilities and training and found their knowledge extremely helpful. We thank you and recommend that anyone with sleep problems consider getting help through Community Sleep Coach.”

-Bob and Valla, Kelowna, BC