Comprehensive Sleep Assessments for Return-To-Work/Long-Term Disability Clients

Are you a worker who is on leave due to a sleep disorder? Is exhaustion and the inability to focus, preventing you from performing your job?

Work-related accidents are common amongst sleep-deprived employees. It is in the employer’s best interest to have staff well-rested and alert, especially for those in high-risk occupations.

We offer comprehensive sleep assessments for workers on a disability leave as a result of a sleep-related medical absence. This service is provided after successful pre-approval from your insurance company/LTD provider. A quote and credentials can be provided to the insurer if this is something being considered to get the employee back into the workplace. The insurance company can obtain this information by emailing Community Sleep Coach directly –

The comprehensive sleep assessment takes place over the course of many separate hour-long visits. This lengthy consultation consists of a detailed discussion surrounding current sleep symptoms, spousal observation, diet, exercise, medications, work schedule, past medical history, previous sleep testing, lab work etc. The concluding visit which usually takes place approximately 4-8 weeks later, lasts 1-2 hours and provides a list of recommendations and next steps. Sometimes “homework” is given during the assessment such as obtaining spousal feedback, locating previous medical reports, completing a sleep diary etc. There may be communications as well with parties responsible for sleep testing if diagnostics are indicated during the evaluation.