Employers: Improve Productivity and Company Success!

Attention employers, check out this article: Huffington Post: 5 Ways Sleep Deprivation Makes You Bad At Your Job

COMMUNITY SLEEP COACH INC. is now offering sleep assessment & counselling sessions for the workplace.

Are you an employer, manager or business owner wishing to reduce the cost that is incurred from sick time, poor performance and work-related accidents? If so, then take advantage of this valuable resource.

Sleep disorders are a common problem within the community. These disorders often go undiagnosed and can lead to many health conditions. In some cases, they can be life-threatening.

Book your corporate sleep session for your staff and take advantage of the flat day rate. Private office consultations for your employees are also available and come at a discount when multiple appointments are booked.

The cost savings experienced by your facility when sleep deprived staff are diagnosed and ultimately treated, will not go unnoticed.

Make COMMUNITY SLEEP COACH your Corporate Sleep Consultant and include this crucial service as part of your Occupational Health & Safety and/or Employee Wellness Programs.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders improves quality of life and increases life expectancy. “A better sleep tonight means a better tomorrow.”

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