Reasons for booking a consult with COMMUNITY SLEEP COACH INC:

  • You are sleeping poorly or are told by a bed partner that this is the case.
  • You think you are sleeping soundly but wake unrefreshed and are tired during the day.
  • You require information about various forms of sleep testing.
  • You have had sleep testing performed but do not understand what the results mean.
  • You have obtained treatment for a sleep disorder but are struggling with therapy.
  • You are compliant with your current treatment but feel no improvement in your symptoms.
  • You are concerned about a family member’s/friend’s sleep and simply want some education on the topic of sleep disorders and the negative health risks associated with these conditions.

Types of appointments available:

  • Inclusive Sleep Sessions incorporate patient intake form, detailed sleep questionnaire concerning sleep hygiene, nocturnal behaviour & complaints, Epworth Sleepiness Score, Insomnia Severity Index and Body Mass Index. Based on the above information, we can deduce whether the patient exhibits symptoms of a sleep disorder and which type of disorder it may be. Recommendations can be made regarding the need for improved sleep hygiene or the need for sleep testing to make a true diagnosis. This appointment also includes a consultation letter addressed to the patient’s family physician pertaining to the particulars of the above sleep assessment.
  • Exclusive Sleep Sessions are identical in nature to the Inclusive sleep evaluation but exclude the formal consultation letter to the physician.
  • Corporate or Group Sleep Sessions are also offered to companies and facilities on-site for a flat day rate or privately at a bulk discount. Fee will depend on the size of the organization.
  • Over-the-Phone Sleep Sessions are a convenient alternative for out-of-town patients requiring sleep counselling.

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